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JPR-CT3508 Seawater Pump

JPR-CT3508 Seawater Pump

Caterpillar Replacement Pump


Impeller: IMP0063

**Pump includes 2 small clamps (CLP0101) for inlet / outlet port.


Engine model 3508


Cross reference no.:

Caterpillar 7C3614 / 5N2600 / OR7721

Gilkes M Series 44953-054


Individual Serviceable items

S/N Part Number Description Qty
1 SHA0048G Shaft 1
2 IMP0063 Bronze Impeller 1
3 PORT001G Port Plate 2
4 RIG0001 Distance Ring 1
5 CLP0100 Clamp Assembly (Large) 1
6 CLP0101 Clamp Assembly (Small) 2


*Sold Separately*

Seal Kit: JMK0002 

Repair Kit: 

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